New Tools For Non-Drummers: Logic Pro X and EZ-Drummer

It’s a crazy world – we can talk to each other on tiny devices and actually see the other person.

That’s pretty crazy, but what’s even crazier is that you don’t even have to be able to play drums in order to create an amazing recording featuring an incredible drum part. Check it out:

With these tools – it’s almost impossible to create a bad drum recording.

Well – let’s qualify that really quick. If it is bad to use these instruments and only good if you create it with your artistry from scratch, then ,well…go be an artist.

Using tools like these to create great recordings is no different from using a computer to record. Or even analog tape. They’re all technology, and they all can be used to great effect, if used correctly.

Can you think of any ways to use these tools, even if you already play drums or program your own parts?

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