Need to De-EQ a track?


For years we’ve known there’s a few things you simply can’t do in audio.

1) You can’t unmix a bounced track

2) You can’t remove reverb from a recording

3) If you print an EQ, you can’t UN-EQ it.

Zynaptiq is a company that has rectified at least 2 of those well-defined truths, and the samples on their site keep blowing my mind.

So, has anyone else put these to the test? At a $399 price point they’re targeting a very specific market, and here at Multi-Platinum we try to get sounds right at the mic. BUT, for that occasion that one needs to UN-FILTER a track, there’s no one out there claiming to be able to do this.

We’ll try to get our hands on it and let you know.



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