Need Huge Guitars? Need Clear Mixes? Try this.

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One of the biggest issues we all run in to when producing rock or pop music is getting massive sounds without losing clarity in the mix.

And if you start throwing down track after track without thinking about what you’re doing, you’re probably going to end up with a pretty muddy, small sounding track.

So here’s an easy way to think about layering your guitar parts that is actually going to help you create bigger sounds and better mixes.

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That’s right – without a great arrangement, you won’t end up with anything worth using in the final mix. So let’s go through the best way to layer your tracks for maximum size and efficiency.

You’ll want a rhythm part that is your basic power chord progression. This can even be double tracked and spread out for an even bigger sound. Once you’ve got this, which should probably be the first thing you record, you’ll be able to add on your layers.

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This means that your layers should be working together, not against each other. Do this by using different octaves. You should use a “MID” part to play either a static octave or a slightly moving part, such as an arpeggio. This should be an octave above the rhythm part you just put down.

Then you can use a “HI” part, one octave about your MID part, to play a single note or double stop. This will be the shimmer on your stacks, so make it a good part.

Don’t overlap your octaves, or you’ll end up with muddiness that you won’t be able to fix in the mix.

We go through even more techniques for getting this great wall of sound in indie rock productions in Nashville Demo Production v2 – so work with us as we create an awesome track from scratch and learn how to use these tools in your own productions.

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