Need an Awesome Spring Reverb and DIY Project?

Need an awesome spring verb and DIY project? Look no further.

A few friends were sitting around discussing our favorite audio topics (yes, we’re slightly nerdy), and the topic of spring reverbs came up. We were looking for a great example of such a reverb – finally landing on Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys. Here it is for background music:

Spring reverb is great when it fits – it can really add a cool element to your production. Just about every DAW is going to have some form of spring reverb that comes with it – and every plug-in package is sure to have a decent spring reverb sound in it somewhere.

But what if you’re into adventures and building cool things that you can ultimately use? Then you’ve got to try this:

Spring Reverb DIY Project

This is a great project that doesn’t look too hard. This guy even tried it out and let us hear the results.


I’d love to have a super cool piece of gear like this – maybe I’ll work one of these up!

3 thoughts on “Need an Awesome Spring Reverb and DIY Project?”

  1. Back in the day (the 80s), the only reverb we had was something called THE GREAT BRITISH SPRING. I think we paid just over a hundred dollars for it, brand new. Wonder if they still make them.

    Of course, we also had an extra TEAC tape machine, show we used that for slap.

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