Motivation and Creativity

I recently read an interview with the multi-talented writer, actor, comedian, and PC John Hodgman in which he offered a look into his daily routine – a common practice for interviews with highly effective people.

What was the first thing he mentioned about his daily schedule?

“10AM–2PM is set aside for writing. No meetings, phone calls, email, or other business may be conducted. This not only clears the decks for creative work during the day, it also makes me feel extremely guilty when I am not writing during those hours—a motivating force.” -lifehacker.com

I can attest to this – as I’m sure many people can. If you don’t have the time set aside to do something, you’ll almost never feel motivated to do it.

And what happens when you never do that thing? You’ll never have a chance to showcase your creativity.

This is certainly true with recording music – you have to both be motivated and creative to get stuff done, and setting aside a time that you will always work on your skills is an important step in achieving those goals.

So try it out for a month. Choose a time slot (could be an hour, could be 12!), and stick to it. Don’t do anything else during that time period. Be clear with yourself and write it down. After the month is up and you’ve stuck to your goals, see how much you’ve improved and created. You’ll be shocked at what you can do!

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