Mixbus 2.3 Sale: Killer little Mixing DAW for $39?

Some of you guys may know about Harrison, the inventors of the inline console design and some of the finest film mixing consoles on the planet (seriously).

A few others may remember some videos we did with Kevin Ward over at Mixcoach.net on the early versions of their super fast mixing DAW, Mixbus.

If you’ve ever wanted to give it a whirl, you won’t find a better deal than the $39 special running right now over at DontCrack.com.

While I don’t know anyone tracking with it yet, I know lots of folks in Nashville kicking the tires on it for speed mixing purposes. With the great built in EQ’s and Compressors from their high end digital consoles built right in, it can be blazing fast to get a loud, warm mix in No time flat.

Any of you using Mixbuss? Got some thoughts? Drop in a comment or send us an email.




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