Making mobile music with Auxy -The mobile studio.

Auxy’s mission is to put a studio in everyone's pocket and push music forward as an artform.

Making mobile music has never been easier or more fun!

I make excuses and don't make music. I say things like this too often. 

“I'd make music if only I had more time.”

“There's too much to set up before I can actually get started.”

If you're like me, these are all too common and lead us towards putting off the work we really want to do. 

Enter AUXY, the mobile studio

This app is freaking unbelievable. It’s the most fun I’ve had making music in a while and I can do it all, anywhere, on my phone! 

Get started fast-

Make music fast with this simple fun interface. You hit the new project button, and choose to add your first instrument (Drums, or melodic). Take your ideas to the next level with Auxy's incredible sound pack options. Choose a sound and dive in! Develop your beat/ hook by entering midi notes in the sequencer grid.  

No time no problem-

All this can be done while you’re waiting in line, or if you have just 10 minutes before your next appointment. Take advantage of those little moments throughout your day. Auxy is a no excuse opportunity to create something amazing. 

Auxy is not just for beginners-

There are artists out there (like Emma Blackery who has over 1.4 million youtube subscribers) who starts all her new songs in the Auxy app. 

Use Auxy's expanded sound packs, clip and effects automation to make stellar productions inside the app. You can also export to Soundcloud, and to individual tracks as WAV files to your daw of choice. 

Learn more-

Go here for some tips & tricks and exporting help.

And check out their Youtube Tutorials to dive in deeper.

We hope this app inspires you to make more music!

  • James & the Multi-Platinum team

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