Make It Stop!!!

Make It Stop!!!

If you’ve never screamed those words during a late night recording session in reference to buzz, hum, crackling, or lack musical ability, you are a lucky person. I am not lucky by these standards, however.

Buzz, hum, and extra noises can be extremely irritating when recording especially when they ruin a perfect take. So what should you do if you’re experiencing these problems? The same questions was asked of SoundOnSound Magazine, and they had a pretty great answer in store – here was the quesitons:

“I’m emailing you in the hope that you can help me with some problems I am having in my home studio. My main concern at the moment is that each time I record audio I get a continuous buzz and high-frequency noise recorded along with any music. It is clearly audible during intros, quieter passages and outros. However, when my screensaver comes on, this noise drops considerably. I have an Inta Audio AMD 64 system with a 19-inch TFT monitor, an Emu 1820M interface, and I’m running Cakewalk Sonar 3 Producer Edition. The other problem which I cannot trace is that my speakers quite frequently crackle and cut out, especially if I happen to play a harder or slightly louder note or sound. My suspicions are that the problem might lie in the main output area of my ageing Studiomaster Mixer. The monitors I have are passive Tannoy Reveals driven by a Samson Servo 170 amp.” – soundonsound.com

Giving the diagnoses of a ground loop problem and a bad push button (for the buzz and crackle respectively), Martin Walker of SoundOnSound walks through the steps to fix these issues as best you can.

Check out his response here.

What makes you crazy in the studio?

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