Mac Key Commands – The *Key* to Efficient Navigation

Are you sick of using your mouse to click through everything – maybe clicking on the Dock all the time, then having to click through your finder window to get to your applications, then double clicking…

It can be a pain. But not if you know the right key commands! There are countless commands that you can execute without ever touching the track pad, which can really cut down on your time spent clicking through folders.

Check out this video and learn these – they’re pretty much essential.

My favorite one that is mentioned is the way to view the total disk space and permissions of multiple files, drives, or folders. This is great when you’re working with DAWs, as a lot of files are created, and it’s great to know how much space they’re all taking up!

Here’s a few more of my favorites that will really help with your navigation:

When in List view in the Finder, use your Arrow (Up, Down, Left, Right) Keys to move around. To jump to the top, hold down “Alt” and hit the “Up” arrow key. To jump to the bottom, hold down “Alt” and hit the “Down” arrow key.

To open up a folder, hold down “Command” and hit the “Down” arrow key. To back up into the next biggest folder, hold down “Command” and hit the “Up” arrow key.

And finally, to see the contents of a folder from within the list view, use the “Right” arrow key to drop it down, and the “Left” arrow key to close it back up.

Just using these simple key commands can really improve your efficiency – try it out, and never stop learning your key commands!

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