Looking for some Tape Emulation?

How about trying out the Kramer Master Tape plug-in by Waves? This tape emulating plug-in not only gives a pretty realistic tape sound to your productions, it also looks really cool.

I tried it out on a few productions of my own, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I might be. Some of the other tape emulators, such as Slate’s plug-ins, seem to have a more drastic (or even recognizable) effect on most tracks and styles of music. Whether or not you like the plug-in, check out this webinar with Eddie Kramer – it’s pretty enlightening!

2 thoughts on “Looking for some Tape Emulation?”

  1. You folks need to get on these people about the crappy videos that they put up!

    If they don’t care about how bad their “product demo” videos look & sounds, why should I care to give them my money? I makes me leery about any kind of support from these companies…really….

    Show ’em how it’s done! LOL

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