Level UP Friday (Sidechain Compression)

level up Friday

Here's another edition of “Level UP Friday”, a curated power-list featuring the best music production tools, techniques, and strategies to help you create a successful career in music.

This week we’re focusing on Mixing and specifically on the use of sidechain compression to help your tracks cut through the mix. 

LEVEL 1: Listen —
I Remember by Deadmau5 & Kaskade

LEVEL 2: Learn —
VIDEO 1: Deadmau5 PROTIP - sidechaining 

In this short video, Deadmau5 talks about using sidechain compression in his tracks. He talks about "doing as much as you can, not in terms of effect, but in terms of control." He also mentions using multiple sidechain compressors on each individual track rather than one on the drum bus. 

LEVEL 2: Learn —
VIDEO 2: Introduction to Sidechaining (from our course Begin To Master Ableton Live) 

In this video, Falcone shows us how to use sidechain compression and how it helps create space and clarity in the mix. He shows us when to apply it (pre-FX, post-FX, post-MIX) and how to add EQ and make up gain on the compressor. 

LEVEL 3: Apply —

Experiment with sidechain compression in your mix. Specifically, try to apply it to a pad or bass track using the kick drum as the trigger source. You can also make some really cool effects by sidechaining percussive or melodic elements which creates a unique rhythm in the mix. Ultimately sidechain compression is just another tool allowing you creative control to bring your mix to the next level. 

LEVEL 4: Succeed —

The Bedroom Super Producer talks about how to monetize every second spent in front of your equipment, making sounds and songs. It shows healthy habits that will sustain a life of creativity and productivity. You'll learn things like: 

  • Composing music for stock music libraries.
  • Marketing and selling platforms.
  • Cool techniques for chords and melodies also.
  • Workflow tips like color coding to be more productive and keep everything organized.

Quote of the week:

"Stock music buyers do not comprehend the depth of your musical knowledge. They buy music based on primal emotion. "

Please let us know your suggestions and requests for future weeks. Which level above is your favorite? Let us know what you want more or less of so we can be the most helpful to you. Email us at support@multi-platinum.com with Level-UP-Friday as the subject line so we’ll be sure to see it.  
Thanks and see you next week! 

- The Multi-Platinum team. 

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