Level UP Friday

level up Friday

Welcome to “Level UP Friday”, a curated power-list featuring the best music production tools, techniques, and strategies to help you create a successful career in music.

This week we’re focusing on Synthesizers and specifically 80’s synth sounds as recently appearing in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” (Season 2 now on Netflix)

LEVEL 1: Listen —
Stranger Things “Title Sequence” & Stranger Things “Kids Two” by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

LEVEL 2: Learn —
VIDEO: The Synth Sounds of Stranger Things (watch below)
Check out this section (3:04-3:51) about the basic use of FILTER SWEEPING. You can apply this to any synthesizer that you have to re-create this 80’s synth sound and create movement in your track. At (4:35-5:21) learn about how the sequence uses the MULTI-OSCILLATOR to change the octave range of the notes allowing you to stack them up and create a big wall of sound. Section (7:16-8:51) shows how to re-create the synth sound for the track “Kids” with a little bit of SUB-OSCILATOR, SQUARE WAVE with PULSE WIDTH MODULATION giving the sound more character and movement. There’s an increased RESONANCE on the FILTER to “create a notch in the sound that sweeps down as it’s played”. This is controlled by the ENVELOPE modulation on the FILTER. 

LEVEL 3: Apply —

Re-create either track above using the tools and synths you have. Take time to experiment with filter sweeping and using the multi-oscillator. Also, listen and audition the differences between the many different wave types (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth). It’s important to not get stuck doing nothing because you don’t have these awesome vintage synths. Learn with what you have, be resourceful and creative, and once the opportunity comes to own or play with these vintage synths, you’ll be more prepared.

LEVEL 4: Succeed —

DistroKid is one of the most affordable ways to sell your music online. They let you upload as much as you want, and keep 100% of your sales. It’s only $19.99 to upload unlimited albums and songs for a year. You get paid monthly, they allow you to set up “splits” to route any percentage of earnings from any track to anyone. They also allow you to distribute cover songs legally. They get your music in over 150+ stores worldwide.

We recently compared DistroKid to two other services in our blog post here. 

Quote of the week:

"Defeat the resistance... Understand that the only thing between you and the success you seek in a chaotic world is a lizard that figures out that safe is risky and risky is safe... Ship often. Ship lousy stuff, but ship. Ship constantly."

Please let us know your suggestions and requests for future weeks. Which level above is your favorite? Let us know what you want more or less of so we can be the most helpful to you. Email us at support@multi-platinum.com with Level-UP-Friday as the subject line so we’ll be sure to see it.  
Thanks and see you next week! 

- The Multi-Platinum team. 

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