Learning from the greats – Dr. Luke

It’s always an amazing experience to be able to hear great producers, engineers, and musicians talk about their craft. We can learn a lot from these people, even just watching seminars!

This video features Dr. Luke and his team at the ASCAP Expo in 2011. It’s a long video, but a great find!

“We had to just…create the background vocals…she wasn’t around, so we Melodyned them.”

-Dr. Luke on Katy Perry’s hit single, E.T.

These are the kind of interesting tips and tricks that well seasoned producers use all the time in the studio. We’re lucky to be able to hear this producer talk about his work in this setting – there’s definitely a lot of tips and tricks to pick up on!

Then be sure to check out the Nashville Demo Series to pick up even more great tips and tricks for producing music!

Boxshot Nashville Demo Mixing 1

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