Keep Track of Your Progress

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged when you’re working on a single project for so long.

After the fourth mix session with seemingly no progress, it seems just as easy to quit as it does to finish it out.

Sometimes that feeling wins and we don’t finish a project, which is a shame.

So how can you stay motivated? By keeping track of your progress.

The best way to do this is to simply save a new session each time you sit down to work. Title that session with the date and start working. When you’re done, save (of course), and don’t change it. The next time you start working, save it again, with that day’s date.

By the time you’re done with a song, you might have dozens of session files. That’s good! Now you can just hop back to any point in time and listen to where it was at then.

Sometimes you’ll like what you hear. You’ll see progress. It’ll motivate you.

Sometimes, however, you’ll feel like you’re worse off now than you were four days ago.

That’s not a fun feeling to have, but it can be just as helpful. When you realize that you are moving in the wrong direction, you give yourself the chance to correct it and backpedal into a better mix.

But none of this can happen if you don’t save your sessions along the way. So start working smarter and save yourself from quitting on a project by motivating yourself.

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