It’s Official – Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 Software is here!

Today, Native Instruments released a new line of their world-class drum sequencing tool Maschine, as well as an update to the software for all of the Maschine products.

And it looks amazing.

At $999, this Maschine, dubbed Maschine Studio, is the most advanced (and expensive) Maschine to date – rivaling the MPC Renaissance in function and power.

While the users of this mega-maschine might be somewhat few and far between, one thing’s for sure – the software update will be much appreciated by all! It’s got some great new features including visual UI’s for the built in plug-ins, more ways to view your instruments, plenty of great new sounds and possibilities, and even a mixer window! I wonder how long until it starts to rival Reason as a new player in the DAW market?

And just a side note – all previous Maschine users can upgrade for only $99 to the new software after November 1, when it is officially available.

Check out the promo video here:

And check out what NI has to say about it on their site:


Happy beat making! 🙂

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