Is Miley Cyrus Working In The Wrong Genre?

Based on Miley’s “blowup” year, I’m guessing not. Besides, what other genre could house such ridiculousness?

Except metal, maybe.

These folks won a contest on ryanseacrest.com with their amazing cover of “Wrecking Ball” – it’s a really enjoyable version of an actually pretty well-written song.

For some reason, I feel the emotion in this version way more than in the original. Which brings up an interesting debate – how to be sure you’re making the right production decisions for your songs.

Check out the video and learn these two ways to tell if you’re on the right track with your productions:

1. If you don’t feel the emotion of your production, nobody will. That means you have to be completely sold on your decisions as you make them. If it doesn’t seem awesome to you, it won’t to anyone else.

2. Make a couple different versions of your songs. Even if you feel pretty confident about your first version, you might stumble upon something way better the second time around.

With these two tips, you will avoid making emotionless productions that don’t showcase the song.



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