iOS as a Production Tool

We use our phones a lot. Texting, Facebook, surfing the web, Twitter…the list goes on. But – have you ever used your phone when working on a production?

With all of the awesome apps available, it really isn’t that farfetched to think of anymore. For only $4.99, you can even use your phone as a DAW with GarageBand for iPhone!

While there are some obvious limitations to using your phone as an instrument in the studio, it can actually be great if you’re wanting to produce on-the-go and don’t want to bring the tools around with you.

Here’s a few of our favorite iOS apps that can take your phone from being a distraction in the studio to an essential player!

Apple’s GarageBand for iPhone and iPad

Korg’s KORG iMS-20 for iPad

Native Instrument’s iMaschine for iPhone and iPad

Have fun with some new toys!

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