Investing in your career

Are you lucky to be producing music for your client, or are they lucky that you’re producing them?

How does your answer influence the approach you take to the song? The edit? The mix?

If the perspective is that you’re ‘just doing them a favor’, will you put in the extra time that takes their song from “good” to “GREAT”?

Or will you just hit it with “auto”…and wonder why they don’t return for their next record?

Sometimes a tweak on our perspective is all it takes to start building a long term career.

Or slowly kill one.

One thought on “Investing in your career”

  1. Every project gets mixed from scratch. There’s no such thing as “auto” when I mix for a client other than “automation”.

    Go big and great or don’t do it at all. Artists also have to quit trying to talk down rates, investing in one’s career will take them further than the cheap package deals out there. Quality, not quantity. See value, not cheapness.

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