Learn to create the Ultimate Snare Riser

ultimate snare riser

We're excited to announce the launch of our course - Ultimate Snare Riser!

This 9 Part Series will teach you everything you need to know, and quip you to create the ultimate snare riser for your EDM Productions in Ableton Live! (Click on the image above to check out the course!)

Are you finding yourself stuck in your productions? 

Maybe you feel like your track doesn't have the energy build like so many of the EDM songs you love?

Are you constantly revisiting the same ideas over and over again because you feel like you're out of resources ?

We believe these videos will help give you new inspiration to take your productions to the next level. 

In these videos, Master Producer Falcone first takes us through editing samples, drum racks, and building snare risers. In addition, he shows us techniques for quantizing midi using MPC templates. He walks you through the creative use of midi effects, midi pitch bend, and using effects like delay, reverb, and filters.  Finally he talks about saving and building your library of risers to use in your future productions. 

We hope this course moves you to take action and create amazing music!  We believe sometimes you just need someone to show you the way, to guide you forward. Most of all, we hope this course helps give you new tools and techniques to help you create a successful career in music. 

-James & The Multi-Platinum Team 

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