Introducing Ableton Live 10

Ableton live 10

Ableton Live 10 is coming early 2018, and this update won’t disappoint. It’s packed with many new features and we’d like to highlight a few below. 

Wavetable: We finally have a wavetable synthesizer (like Massive & Serum) bundled with Ableton! This synth will allow you to shape, stretch, and morph sounds giving you unlimited creative potential.

Echo: A modulation delay featuring reverb, distortion, stereo width control, gate, and a ducking compressor. The modulation abilities are endless and make this delay capable of so many sounds. 

Drum Bus: Throw this effect on your drums to change the overall character of your entire drum kit and bring individual percussive sounds to make one unique sonic statement. 

Pedal: A guitar pedal stombox distortion with 3 models of analog overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. 

Live 10 also includes many workflow enhancements like:

Edit Multiple Midi Clips: This one is sure to please Ableton users as it allows you to work with midi clips across multiple tracks within a single view! This will hep save time and gives you so much more creative control. 

Create Groups Within Groups: Manage your sessions much easier by folding groups of tracks up into just a few to give you a simple overview. 

Refined Look and Feel: Lives interface has bee updated with sharper graphics, and more vidid colors that seem to pop out of the screen. 

There will be some enhancements for Push users as well including a new melodic step sequencing layout, device visualization additions, and midi note view. 

Live 10 also includes Max for live built in and fully integrated into Live 10 Suite as well as new instrument collections like Drum & Synth Essentials, Drum Booth, and Electronic Keyboards. 

We working hard on new Ableton courses for you and can’t wait to hear what you create with Live 10!

- James & the Multi-Platinum team

Ableton has a great 2 minute video overview that’s worth checking out below! 

For those of you who'd like to take advantage of the tax write off and discounted pricing, live is offering 20% off of the upgrade to Live 10 for Live 9 users here.

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