How to Work Smart When Doing The Boring Stuff

Are you efficient when you’re working on your recordings? If not – don’t you want to be?

Whether you’re trying to finish a dreaded task of managing your files and preparing your sessions to be mixed, or working on touching up the final masters, there seems to be a plethora of new distractions that weren’t present during the “fun parts” of the process. And this is where you lose focus and your projects seem to drag on and on – possibly to the point of never being finished.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 5.52.02 PMSo how do you avoid this and get on with your projects? Follow these steps to be efficient when it comes to the boring stuff:

1. Plan to work for a certain amount of time – then be done for a while. If you don’t like a part of the process, like setting up sessions to be mixed and organizing tracks, decide to do it for one hour. Then, stop and work on something else.

2. Reward yourself for your hard work. It’s hard to do boring stuff. But it’s less hard when give yourself candy for every session you organize and every mix you touch up! (Warning – cavities are a side effect of this method – proceed with caution.)

3. Remind yourself of the sweet sound of a finished product. This one usually gets me going even when I’m at the boring parts of the process. Just keep reminding yourself that you’ll be happy when it’s finished!

The truth is that not everybody loves every part of the process, but it’s almost necessary for good engineers to do it all today. What are your least favorite parts of the process, and what do you do to speed them up and get through them?

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