How to Build a Diffuser

What’s the purpose of a diffuser? The “random” nature of a diffuser allows sound to reflect in different ways, essentially eliminating audible reflections that can cause listening inconsistencies in your recording space. These are generally found on the back wall of a control room, or in the case of Blackbird studios here in Nashville, all over! This unique room is essentially a giant diffuser – and the result is stunning. There are no unwanted reflections, but it is not the traditional “dead” sound that control rooms and mixing rooms can often have.

Check out this video to see how you can build your own diffuser!


2 thoughts on “How to Build a Diffuser”

  1. I would think you could make it look pretty awesome with some nice finished wood! They sound great too – I might have to build some myself! (I just built a bunch of framed acoustic treatment for my place, and it was quite a project…I may have to put this one off for a couple months haha)

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