Hip Hop Mixing

Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Sublime all trust his production skills.

Do you?

Multi Platinum Hip Hop Mixing is 5 hours of Hands On mixing with Hip Hop master Dave Aron.

How do you mix massive low end, punchy snares and tight rap vocals?


Follow along with the included Pro Tools session as Dave Aron, the engineer behind Prince, Sublime, Death Row, and more, shows you the techniques, tips, and tricks that big-time mixers use to craft massive hits. Along the way you’ll get nearly an hour of candid interviews from Dave’s home studio, in which he tells you how to make your own way in the music industry. This is your chance to get almost four hours of real, multi-platinum advice from one of the biggest mixers in Hip Hop! Multi Platinum Hip Hop Mixing Contents:

  • Developing a west coast-style beat in Reason.
  • Exporting your beat into Pro Tools and setting up a real Hip Hop mix.
  • Dealing with explicit lyrics without leaving your song full of holes.
  • Creating tight, massive low end and crisp, clear highs the Multi Platinum way.
  • Tricking out the vocals with delays, verbs, and other psychedelic tricks of the trade.
  • …And much more!

Boxshot Hip Hop

Download now, work alongside Dave on the included session, and start producing Pro Level Hip Hop for only $49.95

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dave-aaron-studio.pngDave Aron is an independent engineer and producer who began his career in Memphis, but soon moved to Los Angeles as an engineer at Larrabee Studios where he engineered and mixed for Prince. Soon thereafter, Dave began working with Death Row Records, engineering and mixing artists like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Sublime, Tha Dogg Pound, and many others.

  • 1. Intro
  • …Building The Beat
  • …Capturing The Performance
  • …Importing the Vocals
  • …Taking The Beat From Reason To Pro Tools
  • …Putting the Pieces Together
  • 2. Determining the Direction for the Mix
  • …Making huge Kick, Snare, & Bass
  • …Compression & EQ Approach
  • 3. Building The Mix Foundation
  • …Tracking the BGVs
  • …Dealing with explicit lyrics
  • …Starting the Lead Vocal mix
  • 4. Mixing the hook
  • …Knowing when your vocals fit
  • …Blending the live bass
  • …Finding the structure of the song
  • …Building excitement with cuts & mutes
  • 5. Developing a great ear & great concepts
  • …Fine tuning the drops
  • …Mixing the hooks, 2Pac style
  • 6. Choosing your mix tricks
  • …Vocal tricks with delays & effects
  • …Knowing when the mix is done
  • 7. What to get from an audio engineering program
  • …Making final edits & tweaks
  • …Listening for depth, width, and volume
  • …Final listen through
  • …Printing the mix back into Pro Tools
  • …Making the master fade
  • …The greatest studio memory… 2Pac

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