Getting The Most Out Of Your Studio Time

You’re probably pretty busy. I know I am.

Between work and life, there’s not always a lot of time for recording. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot done.

I’ve wasted hours that I didn’t necessarily have – but that’s because I wasn’t making the most of my studio time. I’ve learned how to focus in and get more done in less time. Here’s what I do:

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1. Always have a goal.


I never sit down to an blank session without some kind of goal in mind. Maybe the goal is to write a new song. Maybe it’s to finish a mix. Whatever it is, set it long before you sit down in your studio.

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2. Always have a plan.


Decide how you’re going to finish that goal in the amount of time you’ll have. Sometimes this helps to reveal unrealistic goals, but assuming your goals are on target, this will ensure that you can complete them. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting things done.

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3. When you have studio time, turn off your distractions.


Too many times, I’ve been ready to work on a new song when my phone rings and I get pulled away. Or that browser in the background with Facebook open seems just too intriguing. Whatever your distractions are, minimize them if you can. You’ll be more focused and productive.

Follow these steps when you are preparing for some time in your studio and you’ll be far more productive. Need some sessions to work with? Jump over to MP Member and work with the pros!

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