Getting Creative With Your Productions

We usually spend time talking about technical goals, tips, tricks, and techniques to make your productions better.

But that doesn’t mean that is the only way to make better productions.

Sometimes, being more focused on the creativity behind it is the best way to improve your productions.

Which brings us to this topic on artistry – understanding how you would like your production to be experienced and what the audience should feel when they hear your music.

If you can creatively present your work and figure out a way to make it unique, you’ll be amazed at how much more creative you’ll be during the production process itself.

For example, there are a few really cool pieces available on the internet that do just that. The creative presentation of these adds a lot to the overall effect. If you’re looking to get more creative in the studio, think about this:

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) released “Because the Internet…”, but this story album has a lot more to it than it might seem like. If you visit becausetheinter.net , you’ll find an incredible presentation of a great piece of art.

The end goal of this work was to tell a story to the audience, and the presentation of the work did just that.

24hoursofhappy.com by producer-of-the-year Pharrell Williams is another great example of a creative way to share music. The 24 hour long music video for the song “Happy” is a continuous loop that is put to a variety of visuals that correspond to the time of day that you’re watching. If the end goal was to share joy and happiness through a cool website and upbeat tune, it certainly achieved its goals.

Now, I know that we can’t all shoot for something like this. We don’t have endless time, money, or resources in order to put something like this together. But what we do have is the ability to control what our audience hears when they listen to our music.

If we want them to feel relaxed, we can mix our music in such a way that mellows out the mid-range frequencies and is soothing to the listener. If we want them to feel excited and energized, boosting the midrange will surely do the trick. If the goal is to get the audience on their feet and dancing around, a healthy low end will certainly help.

Think about how you would like to influence your listener and allow it to direct your creative process when you’re making music. Your end result will be much more intentional, purposeful productions that actually impact people the way you want them to.

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