Getting a Fatter Vocal

It’s something that we’re looking for most of the time in our productions – a nice, fat vocal. But how do the pros get that huge sound while still having it sit nicely in the mix? Thankfully, SoundOnSound.com has given us a few tips!

My favorite tip is this:

“Try small amounts of ‘good’ distortion by using a valve sound plug-in or a tape-simulation plug-in. You could even use a real tape machine to run the vocal sound through and then slip the resulting track back to compensate for the tape delay.” – soundonsound.com

Adding some distortion to a doubled track can also be a great way to add some nice texture to a vocal, and depending on the type of distortion you use, you can get a wide range of effects. A brittle, high gain distortion can add an “edge” to a vocal. A nice, full, low-gain tube distortion can add warmth to a vocal.

Check out some of the other tips here!

What are your favorite ways to fatten up a vocal?

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