Get The Most Out Of Your Acoustic Instruments In the Mix

Ever wonder why your pianos always seem to “bog down” your mix?

Tired of acoustic guitars sounding too heavy in your tracks?

With a simple filter, you can lift all of your acoustic instruments up off the floor. But that number changes depending on the instrument – here’s why:

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That makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re not playing it, why would you want to hear it?

I like to filter out all of the frequencies that are lower than the lowest fundamental frequency of the instrument.

Here’s the key instruments to know:

Bass guitar – 31 Hz

Guitar – 82 Hz

Voice – 80 Hz

Piano – 28 Hz

Depending on the tuning/range of the vocalist, I’ll usually stick with these numbers. As always it’s best to play around with these a little bit and try it out a little higher and a little lower just to be sure.

For other instruments, mainly drums, I’ll filter out the lowest frequencies as well. For example, maybe I’ll filter 25 Hz on kick and 60 Hz on snare. These really depend on what the track is like and if I need the extra space in the low end. If not, these are generally ok to leave alone.

If you’re using a different tuning (say, drop D), you may want to play around with the frequencies. Try bringing them down with the lower pitches so that you aren’t filtering out the actual fundamental frequency.

Try it out and feel your tracks fit even better in your mix by clearing out the mud!


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