Get Better At Mixing In The Next 5 Minutes

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One of the most important things in mixing, audio, and even life is the ability to reflect.

We do it all the time, whether we know it or not. But if you do it right, you can actually improve your mixing abilities in just a few minutes.

Here’s how you do it.

Sit down and clear your mind (and ego). You’re an unbiased, purely objective listener about to critique a mix.

Play one of your recent mixes.

Here comes the hard part. Find one thing about it that sucks. It can be that the vocal is too low. Or maybe that there is just too much bass. Whatever it is, identify it.

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Don’t start reeling off every little flaw, just focus on one – whichever one you feel is most important.

It’s a hard thing to do because we all want our mixes to be good. But having this time to be truthful with ourselves does make us better mixers. Here’s why.

A lot of times, we don’t take the time to critique our own mixes in the right way. Listing off fifteen errors you hear with your mix does no good – it only lowers your opinion of yourself. The right way to critique yourself is with one piece of criticism at a time.

This allows you to focus on it and think about ways to practically improve that one element.

When we can identify a problem in our mixes and work to make it better, we’re making ourselves better mixes. Identify the problem, figure out how to fix it, make it better, and don’t make that mistake again.

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So try it out, and you’ll be glad you did – your mixing will improve.

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