Fluffy, Boomy, and Basketball-y Mixes

Maybe your mix sounds airy. Maybe it’s just a bit puffy. Maybe it’s basketball-y.

You’ve probably figured out by now that just about any word can be used to describe a mix in some way. Some make more sense than others, but you get the picture.

Do you use these terms when you’re working on your mixes? Unless you’ve made a habit of talking to yourself, probably not. But if you want to improve your ears and your mixes consequently, then do this one brain exercise while listening to music.

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Start building your mixing dictionary.


Whenever you hear a pro mix, classify it in your terms. Pick out certain elements and decide how they sound to you.

If the kick is in the front of the mix and has some good top end to it, call it “punchy” (or however that would sound to you.)

If the snare is low and has a long decay, call it fat.

It doesn’t really matter what term you assign it, just as long as you’re consistent. Everyone has a different way of describing the sounds they hear, but you need to develop yours.

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This becomes really powerful when you start drawing connections.


As you build your dictionary, start comparing the music that you’re hearing with music you’ve heard in the past. This is where you’ll notice a big difference in your mixing.

This is because you’re forcing yourself to identify and categorize what you’re hearing, and it’s much easier when you put a word or phrase to it.

So try this out and watch your mixing improve almost overnight.

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