Flex Time – the New Standard

We’ve been absolutely loving Logic Pro X here at multi-platinum.com – not only for the usual Logic perks, but the amazing performance we’ve been seeing. It’s unreal.

But luckily for us all, it is in fact real. And we might go as far as to say that Flex Time is the new standard for audio editing. It cuts the amount of time you have to actually edit down to a fraction of the time you used to have to spend just to get close. Not only can it make your drums sound like the pros, it can even tune your vocals – and it sounds pretty darn good.

We’ve got new Training on Logic Pro X for Pro Tools users coming soon – so stay tuned to get the full Multi-Platinum treatment on the subject. But in the mean time, check out this video on some of the cool features:

So what do you think – want to give Logic a shot? At $199, it’s pretty enticing!


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