Files, Folders, and Sessions – How to keep it straight

If you’re anything like us, you’re working with a lot of files. We know exactly how frustrating it can be after you’ve crafted the perfect mix, only to find that you may not be able to ever hear it again due to poor file management.

Luckily, our friend Dean Palya Jr has written this article explaining some of the basics of file management – and how not to misplace your important sessions!

“As you can see in this Pro Tools session hierarchy (which should be used as a model for folder hierarchy, Logic also has a similar set up), the top folder, which I created before saving the session, is titled Song Title-MST, per NARAS guidelines. The reason that I like to create the top folder before setting up my session is so that I now have a place to put other elements of the song later on (lyrics, stem prints, etc.). The second column from the left, with simply Alone-MST in it, is where the hierarchy starts when first saving a session in Pro Tools. From here on out, all information should be kept in this folder so that you don’t run into “Missing Audio Files” later on.”

He also discusses some of the ways to work with files inside Pro Tools in order to keep them organized – as well as the relationship between files on your computer and the files that show up in your DAW.

Read this article on File Management over at deanpalyajr.com

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