Feeling Like Your Creativity Is Lacking In the Studio?

This past week, I’ve been trying some new things out in the studio.

I’ve started working on a new project and was searching for the right sound to pursue. No matter what I tried, I just didn’t like it.

I tried electronic drums, real drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars – nothing seemed to work. I got so discouraged, I almost ditched the project to start another.

But before I let it go completely, I tried one more thing. And it worked. Here’s what I did:

I knew that nothing was working when I was hearing it play back through the speakers. I knew that I was trying some new techniques and styles out, as well. But the one thing I didn’t know is where I wanted to end up.

That’s why I had to define this in my mind before I even started recording. Once I did, I was able to make the right creative decisions toward making something great.

So as I thought about where I wanted to end up, a single quote came to mind. It was written by Isaac Newton in a letter to a friend, and it reads “If I have seen any further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

It means that even Isaac Newton – clearly a genius, was simply building on those who came before him.

That’s what creativity and art are all about. Nothing is original. Everything can be traced back – which makes it all the better.

So I decided to make a record that sounds like Motown. In my mind, that’s where the inspiration comes from. But even after tracking the first couple of songs, I know it’s not going to end up there. It may resemble it, but it will be original in its own way.

That’s how creativity works. If you try making something completely new, you’ll fail. But if you know where you want to end up and know that you’re simply building on those who have come before, you can make something original, creative, and amazing. Define your inspiration today and watch your productions get more and more creative.

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