Feeling Cluttered? Maximize Your Layout!

Are you working with a screen that looks something like this?


While this may not look too bad (believe it or not, it can get worse), it’s actually quite cluttered, and a leaner screen can be accomplished by following a few easy steps:

1. Hide unnecessary elements. First, let’s talk about the Universe Bar. While I’ve found it useful in massive, 180+ track sessions, it usually doesn’t need to be there. By hovering your mouse over the bottom of the Universe Bar until you see the “handle,” you can simply drag up and watch your screen magically get clearer (and bigger!) Also – hide those unnecessary rulers! I like Bars | Beats, Min:Sec, and Markers. You can hide your clips section (on the right) most of the time, and your tracks (on the left) a good portion of the time. Finally, you probably only need to see your I/O and Inserts from the Edit window, so go ahead and clean that up as well!

2. Don’t leave plug-ins on your screen. This is a pretty common frustration – seeing past a bunch of open plug-ins. Only leave your plug-ins open if your editing their settings or looking at the relationship between two plug-ins. (To open more than one, simply Command + Click on each plug-in you want open.)

3. Finally, make sure your windows are maximized! To get even more space (on your Mac), try hiding your Dock (Command+Option+D). This will let you use all of your screen to its fullest potential!


Just by following these simple steps, you’ll start to notice that your screen is much less cluttered. Do you have any tips for getting the most out of your screen space?

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