Ever wonder what the pro’s workflow looks like inside a DAW?

As engineers, producers, and musicians, we each have our own best way of getting the job done inside a DAW. Sometimes it’s just a slight difference – but sometimes it can be quite a different approach.

But what you may not have known about (or may just want a refresher on) is that there is actually a set of guidelines that most of the top engineers and producers use when working with DAWs. The Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy has put together a “Digital Audio Workstation Guidelines for Music Production” booklet for everyone to reference.

The purpose? A lot of times, engineers who do the tracking will pass of the session to another engineer to do overdubs, and then possibly to a third engineer to do the mix. These guidelines help keep everything in order when passing around sessions.

The cool thing is that there are actually A LOT of awesome tips, definitions, and even workflow ideas that you can get just from reading through this 40 page doc. Check it out and see what you might be able to pick up from it!

Digital Audio Workstation Guidelines for Music Production

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