Drum layering made easy?

Drum layering (v.) – the tedious process of choosing compatible percussive sounds to be played simultaneously during a piece of recorded music in order to create new, interesting sounds, as well as to add excitement to recorded drum parts.

Believe it or not, this definition may have to change. Native Instrument’s has just recently come out with a product called DrumLab. It allows you to choose your drum samples, layer them directly inside the virtual instrument interface, and easily make tweaks along the way.

It seems like it may be too good to be true, but NI has a history of making the difficult tasks of recording seem easy for home studio producers, engineers, and musicians. Check out this product to see what you can do with your drums on NI’s site!

DrumLab by Native Instruments

If you want to see what layering can do, we go through the process on a great country tune with producer Dean Palya Jr to get some killer drum sounds – all in the box! Check it out in the Nashville Demo Series here:

Nashville Demo Mixing


Boxshot Nashville Demo Mixing 1


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