Don’t Worry – Be Happy! :)

Happiness – isn’t that what we all want?

I know that’s why I spend my time recording music whenever I can. It’s certainly not to stress myself out!

But sometimes we get so attached to our work that it’s exactly what seems to happen – whether it’s the snare that’s just not quite right yet, or the vocal that you’ve cut four times and it never seems to feel good to you – it can actually stress us out!

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means you’re invested in your work and you really do care about it. And that’s the first step to getting good at anything in life – caring.

But at some point, we actually stop getting better when we get too stressed about a small aspect of the song we’re working on. I know that I fall into that trap a lot. But this is actually a counterproductive activity if it limits you from growing by working on your next production.

If you’re too focused on making this production your absolute best work of art ever – the best work that you have ever and will ever make, you’re probably not going to get better.

Beethoven didn’t write “Ode to Joy” on his first shot. It was his ninth symphony. He didn’t overwork himself on minor details on his first symphony until it was a masterpiece – he knew when to move on. Sometimes this is the best approach.

Are you feeling yourself not getting any better? The secret might just be to not worry so much – just be happy! 🙂

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