Diversifying – An audio guys video list

Hey all,
Even though we focus on a lot of audio here at Multi-Platinum, I’ve found so many audio guys get more work if they have a working knowledge of shooting and editing video.

Once upon a time, video was a *much* more expensive pursuit, with only cursory connections to the audio field.

But now, with DSLR’s enabling amazing quality video, and software like Avid, Premier and Final Cut offering VERY familiar DAW style editing for video, it’s never been easier for an audio guy to add these services to their business, and at a very reasonable cost.

Personally, I’ve shot numerous video series (almost everything on multi-platinum along with other series) and the canon T3i is the best bang for buck right now.

Couple options to get you started down investigating this path for those that are interested. Oh, and these are *not* affiliate links.

This is the best bundle deal on Amazon right now. Better than many of the deals i see used on nashville craigslist. ($558)

and the canon crack/cocaine intro prime lense. It’ll blow you away. ($108)

If you want to shoot more video, I’d also recommend an external Power supply ($24)

External mic (huge difference versus internal. I use the Rode $150, but probably even the $50-60 ones will work well).

and/or battery grip and extra batteries ($55)

And more memory cards ($23)

This is obviously just a start, but if you’re interested in learning more about the myriad of additional opportunities for audio people that also know video, holler at us in the comments and we’ll start to feature more of these types of posts.


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