Dealing With Artists in the Studio

If you’ve worked with bands or artists as an engineer or producer, you know that things can get a little heavy in the studio. So how should you deal with it when it (inevitably) occurs? Here’s some tips on how to be the good guy in situations like this:

1. Stay calm. Nothing ever gets better by getting wrapped up in all the excitement. Try to be the sense of stability in the room – it can really go a long way.

2. Don’t take sides! This means don’t talk bad about certain members, even if they can’t hear you. This only causes tension to rise. Instead, try to see disagreements from both sides of the argument and be a mediator in the situation.

3. If need be, take a much needed break to let things cool down. This goes for anything in the studio – from the performer getting frustrated about their takes to band disagreements on a section of the song. A lunch or dinner break can do good in this situation!

If this still doesn’t solve it, introduce some humor to the situation. Use your judgement and your own personality to lighten up the situation. I know an engineer who carries a kazoo to every session and plays it to lighten the mood. This video is always a go to for me – very funny, but maybe not the best thing to show when a band is fighting like this!



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