Common Pro Tools Errors

Some of the most frustrating things in the studio have to do with error messages.

What’s even more frustrating? When you keep encountering it.

What is the most frustrating? When you don’t know how to avoid it!

Read this article by Dean Palya Jr to understand some of the basic Pro Tools error messages and how to work around them. It really sheds light on some of the most common issues we run into when using Pro Tools – as well as how to stop them from occurring!

“Go to Setup → Playback Engine… and locate the “H/W Buffer Size” dropdown menu. In this screenshot, my Hardware (H/W) Buffer Size is set to just 32 Samples (almost no latency). This buffer is “filled” with audio samples between your Pro Tools system and audio interface (I/O). The larger the buffer, the larger the sessions can get before this error appears. With a large buffer, however, your system has much more latency and is not as responsive. Usually, I like to record at lower Buffer Sizes (64 – 128 samples) and mix at higher Buffer Sizes (256 – 512 samples). Try increasing the buffer size if you get this error, and try to find a balance between performance and responsiveness.” – deanpalyajr.com

This is often times forgotten when dealing with CPU Overload errors, but the H/W Buffer Size actually makes a huge difference when getting rid of this error. There’s plenty of other tips on avoiding CPU Overload Errors, as well as DAE errors in this article.

What errors do you run into most often? Do you have any ways of working around them? We’d love to hear your work arounds!

Read Pro Tools-Common Error Messages on deanpalyajr.com

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