Choosing the Perfect Studio Monitors

Every once in a while, we get asked “what are the best studio monitors for my music?” Or sometimes “how much should I spend on studio monitors?” While both are good questions to ask, there are actually a lot more things to consider when purchasing studio monitors. Luckily, our friends at Sweetwater have put together a great article outlining exactly what you should look for in your set of studio monitors.

Probably the most important thing that people often forget when shopping around for monitors is that you don’t necessarily want your music to sound good on them, but accurate. Sweetwater’s article mentions this as well:

“Remember that technically speaking, studio monitors aren’t trying to sound good. They’re trying to sound as accurate and precise as possible. The ideal set of studio monitors should reveal every detail in your mix, both good and bad, while portraying an accurate balance across the entire frequency range.”

This is key when finding a good set of studio monitors. Whenever I am in the market, I go to my local Guitar Center or Pro Audio retailer and bring some commercial albums that I know extremely well. I’ve studied them and know exactly how they sound on a lot of different systems. This helps to expose the new speakers and tell me exactly what they sound like. I would definitely recommend finding 4-5 songs or albums that you know inside and out. This will help you find the most accurate speakers when you’re in the market!


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