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07 Aug 2017

7 Minutes to Building Better Beats: Ep1 – Finding Inspiration in Ableton Live

Episode 1 – In this video you’ll learn how to gain inspiration from loops, without having a track that sounds repetitive. Extract Harmonies from audio tracks, turn them into new chords and basslines, and learn the *hows* AND *whys* as you learn the process of building Better Beats from the one and only Falcone!

17 Apr 2017

Mixing By Testing The Prototype

Before just about any product is mass produced, it goes through a pretty intense series of testing. The company will make a prototype in order to determine if it is ready for the public. When the company is testing the prototype, they are putting their product through a whole series of physical tests in order to make sure it performs well where it needs to. If it doesn’t do well, the engineers, developers, and designers meet up to figure out […]

17 Apr 2017

What hard drive should YOU trust your songs to?

The folks at mass backup company Backblaze have done the math, and tested tens of thousands of drives over thousands of hours of use. Which manufacturers stacked up, and which ones failed most often? Moreover, which ones are YOU going to trust your, and your clients, songs to? Check out their very interesting results. http://blog.backblaze.com/2014/01/21/what-hard-drive-should-i-buy/

14 Apr 2017

NAMM 2015 Coverage

Stay up to date on some of the best gear for your home studio. Check out the videos below!

13 Apr 2017

Is Miley Cyrus Working In The Wrong Genre?

Based on Miley’s “blowup” year, I’m guessing not. Besides, what other genre could house such ridiculousness? Except metal, maybe. These folks won a contest on ryanseacrest.com with their amazing cover of “Wrecking Ball” – it’s a really enjoyable version of an actually pretty well-written song. For some reason, I feel the emotion in this version way more than in the original. Which brings up an interesting debate – how to be sure you’re making the right production decisions for your […]

06 Apr 2017

The Best Software Purchase You’ll Ever Make

For years Pro Tools has been regarded as the industry standard DAW, and understandably so.  Though my opinion could be biased, it seems to me that everything I look for and want in a DAW, it does. Any tool, any trick, it can do.  Any shortcut, it has it.  From user interface to logical navigability, all is as it should be. Outside the pool of “believers” there is always grumbling. I often hear, “Pro Tools crashes too much!”   In […]

05 Apr 2017

Cable Management – The Key to a Neat Studio

Are you sick of walking into your home studio, inspired to make something amazing, and almost immediately walking out wondering why you lost your motivation? Or maybe just avoiding your studio in general because it just doesn’t feel “right”? If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. And most of time, this issue can be solved with one easy step – clean up your studio! A clean, orderly studio is really important – it has some real psychological effects […]

31 Mar 2017

Levitation with Sound: Can your music do this?

Scientists and front of house engineers have long known of the ability to *move* things with sound. And every engineer has experienced the bumps and dips in their rooms frequency response caused by standing waves. But what if you could sync those waves up, and trap things inside the nodes? Magic.  

28 Mar 2017

Batch Commander by Slate Media Technology

Batch Commander puts hours back into the days of Pro Tools users. Based on Slate’s Raven 2.0 Control Surface software, Batch Commander is a series of single buttons that can execute up to 1000 key commands, menu selections, and mouse clicks. Here is a brief overview of it’s capabilities from Slate’s description. Tighten up entire drum tracks and put them on the grid using one button. Instantly create headphone sends and fx returns using one button. Apply your favorite chain of […]

24 May 2016

The Great Plug-In Debate: Long List or Go-To Few?

It crosses my mind just about every week. “I wonder if I should get some more plug-ins?” Or maybe “I could make such better music if I just had [insert plug-in here].” But is this really true? Or is the opposite actually true – having only a few trusty go-to plug-ins will make your productions tighter and better sounding. There’s a lot of ways this discussion can go – let’s lay out the pros and cons of long vs. short […]