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20 May 2017

In-the-box Analog Sound with Slate and SSL

We’ve got some killer new products coming up with one of our in-house engineers, Chris Sy. In this video, he shows us how to get the rich, warm, analog sound completely inside Pro Tools by using Slate Virtual Tape Machines, State Virtual Console Collection, and Waves SSL Bundle! Not only that, it features a recent acapella project we had in Studio A, the beautiful (and beautifully sang) Beyond All Reason group from St. Louis.

19 May 2017

Begin to Master Ableton Live: MIDI Recording and Groove Quantization

If you’re a producer, you need a deep understanding of groove. Fortunately, Ableton Live enables you to capture your ideas anytime by recording MIDI with your laptops Qwerty Keyboard! And just in case your groove gets thrown off by the click-clack of your computer keys, Falcone shows us how to use our Ears and Groove Quantization to bring it all back.

19 May 2017

Begin to Master Ableton Live: Start Creating a Killer Track

If you’re a singer, songwriter, producer or DJ, you owe it to yourself to learn Ableton Live. In this new series we’re sitting down with master producer Falcone, and helping you begin to master the possibilities in this software. Learn his personal techniques for creating and shaping killer electronic tracks, then follow along as you create your own music. Begin to Master @Ableton Live! Produce a killer EDM track with hit producer @falconeofficial and @MultiPlatinumPT

17 Apr 2017

Tutorial: Reverb Tricks for Realistic Orchestral tracks

Get inside the head of master Mix engineer John Merchant as he shows you his approach to using reverbs to create a more realistic orchestral sound! Don’t settle for stock MIDI synth sounds in your productions. Check out this free video from Johns “Stupid Mix Tricks” video for adding movement to your string lines for a clean, open sound. Get the rest of the video here and start spicing up your mixes.  

17 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Bass Editing: Compare Serato, XForm and Avid TCEX – YouTube

A great Bass can be everything your song needs to go from flat, to full…But a bad bass performance can be the ruin of even the greatest track. When it’s totally in the pocket with the drums, there’s no better foundation to be had. So when you start pocketing these tracks, and need to use a timestretch tool to fill in the gap….which plugin should you use? Join Brady as he compares them up close and personal. Multi-Platinum Bass Editing: […]

16 Apr 2017

Mental approach to pocketing major label records – YouTube

You know what it’s like. We’ve all had to painstakingly edit thousands of notes…not to put them dead-on the grid…but to apply a feel, or a vibe to an already great performance. But who are we kidding? We’ve all had to use these techniques to fix some rough performances too. Spend 10 minutes with master track editor Brady Barnett and you’ll start to truly understand his approach to major label pocketing. The mental approach to pocketing major label records – […]

16 Apr 2017

Electronic Music Production – Rapid Track Creation part 2

In this final installment from our new “Electronic Dance Music” series, DJ Stryke literally blazes through showing you his techniques for knocking out a hooky dance in only a few minutes. If you have any interest in electronic music, or adding those elements to your other genres, DJ Stryke is a killer teacher. Jump over and download the series here.

14 Apr 2017

Hybrid & Step Time

Even more of our 7 days of Previews from AVID’s Greg “DJ Stryke” Chin, in this preview Greg walks us through some of his use of Hybrid and Step Time in an electronic dance track. Check it out. Jump over and download the series here.

13 Apr 2017

Build Your Own U87 Mic?

Having taught audio for nearly 13 years, it never ceases to amaze me how many students area really into building their own gear, which is a true sign that the next generation will be a-ok. Even where I teach currently (Belmont.edu), students in our Audio Maintenance courses build their own custom API style preamps. So what about you? Ever thought about taking one of those cheap Nady condensers and turning it into your very own U87 clone? According to the […]

12 Apr 2017

Electronic Music Production – Rapid Track Creation

It’s time for number 6 of our 7 key snippets from the new “Electronic Dance Music” series with DJ Stryke. After the previous videos, now that you’ve experienced many of Strykes key skills, it’s time to fly through creating your own dance track. In part 1 of this video, Stryke shows us keys to rapidly laying a foundation for a new dance track, and has you up and running in minutes. Jump over and download the series here.