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15 Nov 2017

Layering sounds to add interest and impact

  Layering sounds is one way to add interest and impact in your track. Layering sounds (also known as doubling in Orchestration world) is all about dynamics, tone, and making your sound more interesting and complex. Layering with another instrument doesn’t add anything new melodically. It instead expands upon the existing sonic element. If you double a melody, you’ll still be able to hear the same melody after its doubled up or down an octave. If you layer an instrument, […]

21 May 2017

Keep Track of Your Progress

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged when you’re working on a single project for so long. After the fourth mix session with seemingly no progress, it seems just as easy to quit as it does to finish it out. Sometimes that feeling wins and we don’t finish a project, which is a shame. So how can you stay motivated? By keeping track of your progress. The best way to do this is to simply save a new session each time […]

21 May 2017

The Power of the Demo

Demos can seem like a waste of time and energy – especially if you’re going to be the one doing the master recording. Why should you spend time recording scratch parts if you’re just going to re-record them a little later? Believe it or not, there are actually several good reasons you should make a demo before you make the master recording. In fact, if you make a demo, you’re much more likely to succeed in the long run – […]

21 May 2017

Make It Stop!!!

Make It Stop!!! If you’ve never screamed those words during a late night recording session in reference to buzz, hum, crackling, or lack musical ability, you are a lucky person. I am not lucky by these standards, however. Buzz, hum, and extra noises can be extremely irritating when recording especially when they ruin a perfect take. So what should you do if you’re experiencing these problems? The same questions was asked of SoundOnSound Magazine, and they had a pretty great […]

21 May 2017

What are my DAW options?

There’s a lot of options when it comes to choosing a DAW to work with. Let’s face it – they’re all very similar. Unless you’re using something like Maschine or Live, the layout and operation is very similar from DAW to DAW. So why are some people dedicated to Pro Tools and others to Logic? Some people love Cubase, and others run PreSonus StudioOne? The answer is simple – it all comes down to personal preference, workflow, and feel. In […]

20 May 2017

But which DAW is best for me?

That’s a good question – and one you should definitely figure out! A lot of companies allow you to get a free trial of their product, which you should definitely take advantage of. Although we’re traditionally Pro Tools guys, we know that there are a lot of great DAW’s on the market these days. Check out this video to see a run down of some of the popular ones by Kosmic Sound! Then find a product that you can pick […]

19 May 2017

Creating Versatile Mixes – The Advantages to Multiple Monitors

How many times have you mixed your track to perfection in your studio. Then, once you take it out into your car (expecting to love your work), you immediately hear that the vocal is just way to soft – or that you can’t even hear the bass guitar because the kick drum is overpowering. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. But once you’ve been there, you probably don’t want to go back. So here’s how you can create versatile […]

13 May 2017

Using Templates In Your DAW To Improve Your Workflow

It’s no secret – templates make everything easier. Think about it – everything from coloring books to website templates – would be so much harder if we didn’t have a nice place to start. And working in your DAW is no exception. If you’ve never used the templates function in your DAW, you’re really missing out. And we’re not necessarily talking about the preset templates that come with your DAW – although they can be very helpful to get you […]

11 May 2017

Soft Synths – Who’s Got The Best Deal?

It’s a long-running debate – which DAW comes with the best soft synths? Some argue that Logic by far has the best soft synths – but is quantity always better? While Logic has some amazing sounding instruments, they’re not the only ones that do it. Reason 7 actually has some absolutely incredible sounding software synths – check out this video to see one of them in action: So the question is this – who’s got the best one out there? […]

07 May 2017

Compression On The Way In – Should you do it?

It’s a hot debate – should you, or should you not, compress something on the way in? There’s a lot of different opinions out there, but the truth is that there are times when it helps and times when it hurts. Learn how to compress effectively on the way in to make your tracks even easier to mix and overall more polished sounding with these quick tips: [wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left”][wc_heading type=”h1″ title=”1. Start with proper mic technique.” text_align=”left”][/wc_box] This is […]