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13 Nov 2017

Making mobile music with Auxy -The mobile studio.

  Auxy’s mission is to put a studio in everyone’s pocket and push music forward as an artform. Making mobile music has never been easier or more fun! I make excuses and don’t make music. I say things like this too often. “I’d make music if only I had more time.” “There’s too much to set up before I can actually get started.” If you’re like me, these are all too common and lead us towards putting off the work […]

19 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Presents Secrets of the Hits v2: In the Style of Taylor Swift

Ever wonder how they make Taylor Swift tracks sound so good? Want to know the secrets to creating stellar pop country tracks – all in the box? Are you sick of lifeless tracks for your pop country productions? Have you tried to create steel guitar parts with no success? Are you wondering how to create such a great recording in the box? Have you tried referencing your mix to those of the stars, only to be disappointed in the end? […]

15 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Recording

What would your recordings sound like after 15 hours with the 2013 Audio Engineer of the year? What if he brought 3 other top caliber producers to the party? It’s a well known fact that most major engineers had to spend hours learning their craft at the feet of a master mentor. Multi-Platinum recording is exactly that. It’s a Virtual Internship with the biggest engineers in the business! Watch Multi-Platinum Recording and get inside sessions with iconic engineers. In this […]

15 Apr 2017

Advanced Track Editing

Have you ever had to edit a track to perfection? How do major label songs by N’Sync, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, and Darius Rucker all have every note in place, perfectly in time? The secret is Brady Barnett, and his homegrown pocketing techniques. In Advanced Track Editing…he’ll teach you every one.  In Multi Platinum: Advanced Track Editing, premier audio editor Brady Barnett walks intermediate to advanced Pro Tools users through the major label pocketing techniques for creating sonically spotless instrumental performances. Advanced Track […]

14 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Presents Secrets of the Hits v1: In the Style of Bruno Mars

Have you ever wanted to pick apart the amazing productions of Bruno Mars? Want to know the secrets to the infectious drums, bass lines, and guitar hooks? Do you love the groove and feel of Bruno Mars’ productions? Ever wonder how they made the drums so interesting throughout the recording? Are you wondering how to create such a great recording in the box? Have you tried referencing to Bruno’s mixes before, always feeling let down when you hear your own […]

14 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum presents Nashville Demo Mixing v2: Indie Rock

Are you missing that crisp clarity and full body in your indie rock mixes? Isn’t it about time you get the most out of your mixing? Are your vocals not living up to expectations? Do you feel like there’s a blanket over your speakers when you’re mixing your tracks? Do your drums and guitars lack the “punchiness” necessary to make your mixes rock? Are your mixes falling apart as soon as you take them to another set of speakers? Is […]

13 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum presents Nashville Demo Mastering v2: Indie Rock

Looking to take your mixes to the next level? Feeling overwhelmed by the task of mastering your project? Are you having trouble getting loud, competitive tracks while still maintaining the musicality and dynamic range of your mix? Do your tracks fall short when played up next to commercial releases? Are you missing that final gloss that mastering gives to your project? Do you feel intimidated by all of the difficult decisions that must be made in the mastering process? Is […]

13 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Presents Nashville Metal In-The-Box Mixing

Several  things are consistent about modern metal mixes Everything is LOUD Everything is CLEAR Everything is IN YOUR FACE If you’re like me, you’ve asked yourself thousands of times, “How do they do that?  If I turn up the guitars, I lose the drums.  If I turn up the drums, I can’t hear the vocals.  If I turn up the vocals, I’m clipping the master.  How do I make everything full and clear?  How do they make it sound so good?” In Nashville Metal […]

12 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum presents Drum Programming, Bass Programming, and Guitar Amp Models

Three new series to help you create realistic drums, bass, and guitar parts – all in the box. Learn how to get pro sounds in country, pop, rock, and hip-hop with the gear you have. Tired of lifeless drum parts in your productions? Do you feel like there’s something missing in your bass part? Want realistic guitar tones, but just can’t seem to dial them up in your amp model? Do you need a crash course in Pro Tools, MIDI, […]

11 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Presents: Nashville Demo Production v2

Searching for that massive indie rock sound for your productions? Tired of thin, wimpy tracks when you need full, thick masterpieces? Do your rhythm guitars sound muddy instead of thick? Tinny instead of clear? Do your know the best methods for layering your tracks to get pure indie perfection? Are your drums unrealistic and lacking in punch, dragging your entire production down with them? What’s the best way to produce a rock vocal so that it sounds good without being […]