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24 Mar 2017

Why People Don’t Like Your Music

This past weekend, I watched an insane film. It was an indie film called “Escape From Tomorrow.” I saw the cover and thought it looked interesting. So I Googled it. I read that it was trippy, odd, and that the filmmaker employed some truly guerrilla techniques to make the film. And I was hooked. I actually enjoyed the film – even though it wasn’t the highest production quality or the most realistic plot line. But I learned a pretty valuable […]

22 Mar 2017

Multi-Touch Pro Tools Control? Slate – Raven MTi

Well, it’s finally available. Let me be clear. I like Steven Slate. I’ve got to chat with him on several occasions through the Grammy foundation and at NAMM. I tried an early version of the MTi and though the idea is super cool, the act of trying to edit on a touch screen was still somewhat difficult. Mixing wasn’t a whole lot better. Now in fairness, it was 9 months before launch, so they may have made it flow a […]

20 Mar 2017

Do You Want High Quality Streaming? Now It’s Here!

Tidal – just another competitor in the “streaming” marketplace. But they’re offering something audio folks like ourselves might actually be interested in. The highest quality streaming you can find elsewhere doesn’t compare to the FLAC and full-res WAV streaming that Tidal offers. And as of yesterday, it’s available in the US. What do you think – do you care enough about the quality of your streaming to go to a service like this? Tell us your thoughts! Check out the […]

18 Mar 2017

Ever Tried Making A Song With Trash?

Well, if you’ve never tried making a song with trash, maybe you’re missing out. Check this video out: Isn’t it pretty amazing that you can make pretty incredible music with just about any sound? This is just one example of how you can manipulate just about any sound to make something cool. Try it out and make something amazing this weekend with at least one unique sound. You’ll be surprised at what you can come up with.

18 Mar 2017

Think You’ve Got What It Takes To Be A Voiceover Artist?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a voice over artist? I was asked the other day by a friend who was thinking about getting into some freelance work about the audio equipment necessary to create quality voice overs. This is a great thing to think about – even if you’re not into voice over work – because you can apply these same methods to your music recordings. The first thing you need if you’re doing voice […]

17 Mar 2017

DIY Talkbox

There’s a lot of ways to get awesome sounding talkbox effects. But this is probably my favorite option 🙂 Although it may not look as sleek as something you’d buy in the stores, it certainly does the trick! If you’re the type to DIY, think about what other things you can do for your studio. Get creative with it!  

16 Mar 2017

Need an Awesome Spring Reverb and DIY Project?

Need an awesome spring verb and DIY project? Look no further. A few friends were sitting around discussing our favorite audio topics (yes, we’re slightly nerdy), and the topic of spring reverbs came up. We were looking for a great example of such a reverb – finally landing on Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys. Here it is for background music: Spring reverb is great when it fits – it can really add a cool element to your production. Just […]

15 Mar 2017

Happy 4th! Download Your Free Video Today!

Happy 4th of July! Missed us a GearFest? No worries – now you can download both presentations for free! Just fill out the form below and log in to your account  to get your free videos – over an hour of content! Nathan ‘Adan’ Adam teaches you how to get 100% faster at Pro Tools, and Dean Palya Jr breaks down modern rock guitar tones and arrangements for massive tracks. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend! -The Multi-Platinum Team […]

12 Mar 2017

Salt = Reverb

Little known fact, but salt makes most foods taste better. (Gasp) Thomas Edison would watch the way in which a prospective employee would eat, and if he put salt on his food without tasting it first, he knew that the man had no intuition. He wouldn’t hire him. Salt is one of those things that, in moderation, can be fine. But if it get’s out of control, your health will be severely at risk. Now that you know a bit […]

11 Mar 2017

How Long Should I Spend On My Mix?

It’s an age-old question: how long should I spend mixing? Or maybe it’s rephrased as “how do I know my mix is done?” Some people will say that you should never “finish” a mix, only settle. These people are pessimists. Others will say that you should spend no longer than two hours mixing. These people are lazy. So when should you put a mix down and call it done, and when should you keep working on it? There’s a really […]