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07 Apr 2017

The World Wide Recording Studio

Just over twenty years ago, people could never have dreamed about what our current technology can do. I mean, we can talk to people – face to face – no matter where we are in the modern world. There are more videos on the internet than we have time to watch, and we’re always connected with our “friends.” So why can’t we record someone on the other side of the globe? Well, we can. And we do. [wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left”][wc_heading […]

07 Apr 2017

Sweetwater Gearfest 2014 Coverage – The Hottest Gear Is Here

We are here at Sweetwater Gearfest 2014 and wanted to share with you all some of the amazing things happening here – check out these videos for the latest gear from Universal Audio, MikTek, M-Audio, iZotope, and so much more! Also, be sure to check out the interviews with Mick Guzauski and Chuck Chiles!

07 Apr 2017

Happy Halloween (Samples)!

Happy Halloween! If you’re trick-or-treating around here, then we’ve got a special treat for you! That’s right – Halloween samples! Click here to download some free WAV Halloween samples from Free-Loops.com! When would you ever need that, you ask? Well, even though the uses may be few and far between, it’s always nice to have a few samples that you can use when the time is right! Check out one of my favorite uses of a sample like this – […]

06 Apr 2017

On Mastering Your Own Tracks

Should you master your own tracks? I know that you’re probably jumping out of your seat right now, spewing off all of the responses that have become second nature for most engineers: “Never master your own tracks!” “It’s good to have a second opinion on your tracks that only a different mastering engineer can give you.” “Mastering takes 20+ years of experience and $200,000 worth of gear and room.” You’re right – if you’re talking about professional mastering. But what […]

06 Apr 2017

Waves AAX in 64-bit

As of yesterday, Waves highly anticipated AAX Native 64-bit support is now available. This means, yes, that Pro Tools 11 will now be able to host all of the Waves plug-ins, making it even more functional. There is a catch, however. In order to get the new versions of the plug-ins, you have to be under coverage with the Waves support plan. If you’re not, don’t worry. You can easily renew your coverage and be on your way to 64-bit […]

05 Apr 2017

Free Sample Library – Merry Christmas!

In the mood to make some Christmas music? There’s one element that you simply can’t go without. Sleigh Bells. And we’ve got some great news for you. Our friends over at Sonokinetic have created an amazing 500MB sample library – and it’s free to download! So check it out here: And pick up your free sample library here! Merry Christmas! 🙂

04 Apr 2017

Desert Island Plug-Ins

You’ve probably played this game before. It was probably with movies or books, though. Let’s say you’re trapped on a desert island. This desert island is outfitted with a studio. And electricity. (The details are hairy, I’ll give you that.) Basically, you need to pick the only five plug-ins you’ll use for the rest of your life. This may sound like a silly game to play among fellow engineer nerds. It is. But thinking about this can actually help you […]

04 Apr 2017

How to Work Smart When Doing The Boring Stuff

Are you efficient when you’re working on your recordings? If not – don’t you want to be? Whether you’re trying to finish a dreaded task of managing your files and preparing your sessions to be mixed, or working on touching up the final masters, there seems to be a plethora of new distractions that weren’t present during the “fun parts” of the process. And this is where you lose focus and your projects seem to drag on and on – […]

03 Apr 2017

Why You Should *Never* Tune Your Vocals

It’s not that you should never tune vocals, you just have to tell yourself you’re not going to. You’d be surprised at what this little mind trick can actually do for your productions. When you’re recording your vocals, you should be telling yourself that you’re never going to use tuning software on them. Make yourself record the part ten times if that’s what it takes. The rewards for such mind games are pretty amazing – here’s the three things you’ll […]

02 Apr 2017

How Do You Loop?

You don’t have to make hip-hop music to make good use of looping. It can be used incredibly useful and creative when you’re trying to lay down a groove or creating a cool vibe for your production. Artists like Vinx de’Jon Parrette have pioneered this unique style with their vocal layering and groove based loop productions. Other examples include artists like Kimbra and Tom Thum, who have taken it to the next level. What’s so enticing about loop building – […]