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17 Apr 2017

Check out this iOS Synth!

Remember when we talked about using your iOS devices as tools in the studio? Looks like there’s even more great tools out there to do it! Our friend Mitch Gallagher at Sweetwater reviewed a great app called Waldorf Nave Synth – check out here! Then check out Mitch in Project Studio Mastering!

17 Apr 2017

The New Mac Pro – Future or Flop?

Well, we’ve had some time to digest the Tootsie-Roll computer now known as the Mac Pro. I personally like Tootsie-Rolls better than grated cheese, so we’re off to a good start. But let’s talk about some of the options you have when it comes to a studio computer. You may be looking to upgrade or purchase your first machine. Don’t be fooled by the word “pro,” however, because in terms of project studio computers, this may not be your best […]

17 Apr 2017

What’s The Best DAW For _______?

I get this question almost as much as any other – what’s the best DAW for (fill in the blank). MIDI. Comping Vocals. Drum Replacement. Plug-ins. Audio Editing. It’s really a toss up – just about every DAW on the market today is incredible at all of these tasks. But that answer doesn’t usually satisfy. So here is my list of DAWs and tools that I use regularly and what I like to use them for. Pro Tools. Obviously. I […]

17 Apr 2017

New Avid Control surfaces? #MixingRedefined

Well they’re back teasing us with the hint of a new Pro Tools Control Surface. After the introduction of their new mixing console last year, I can’t say I’m too surprised that they might be doing a studio version of it. Then again, we just sold our Pro Control because it was incompatible with 11…though we got over 10 good years out of it. What do you think? What price point would get your attention and hard earned dollars? How […]

16 Apr 2017

Keeping Your Schedule Clear To Boost Creativity

It seems like we’re constantly trying to get something done. Maybe its cleaning the gutters, washing the car, taking the dog for a walk… the list goes on and on. We’re lucky if we get to schedule a day, or even and evening, to just work on making music. So when the opportunity comes up, we jump at it with an ambitious to do list. “Write a song, program the drums, mix the vocals in, master a different song, record […]

15 Apr 2017

Learning From Seurat – Making Better Music

Last week I visited an awesome art museum. And guess what – I actually learned something that applies to music! I’m sure you’ve seen this painting before – George Seurat’s masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. (You’ll know it when you see it!) It’s apparently a groundbreaking work in the art community, but there is something interesting about this work and how it was completed. And learning how he did it can actually help you […]

15 Apr 2017

Using “The Other Room” Trick To Get Better Mixes

Ok – so you’re looking for a way to get better mixes the first time around? Try this tip out! Dean Palya Jr wrote about using this while mixing on his blog. “It’s easy. Simply turn on your mix, walk out of the room, and leave the door cracked open ever so slightly. And listen. You’ll be amazed at how clearly you’re able to hear that your mix is either completely unbalanced or perfectly harmonious. This trick works best when […]

15 Apr 2017

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

We looked at managing big mixes in yesterday’s post. But bigger isn’t always better. There are certainly times where a smaller track count can be even more powerful than a massive and polished mix. The key is knowing when to use either method. That’s what we’re looking through today. 5 Times a Smaller Production is Better: 1. When you’re trying to convey intimacy. If the lyrics are intimate, the production should be as well. Support the song by giving it […]

14 Apr 2017

Check Out This Finger Drumming Phenom!

If you’re into alternative instruments and new ways of creating cool sounds, you’ll love this video! Produced by Native Instruments to promote their Maschine Mikro product, the video features Jeremy Ellis performing on the unit. My favorite part comes about halfway through when he starts playing DJ-like scratch samples. It actually sounds like he is scratching a record – check it out!  

14 Apr 2017

The Need For New Instruments

Ever thought about the impact that new instruments can have on the music we create? Or maybe how important new technology is in our productions? “It’s hard to overstate the importance of new musical instruments in history. The piano’s dynamic range allowed for a subtlety in composition previously unimagined. The modern drum set paved the way for jazz. Rock and roll would not have happened without the electric guitar. As composer Edgard Varese put it in 1936, ‘It is because […]