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08 Aug 2017

7 Minutes to Building Better Beats #2: Creating Drive and Energy

Spend 7 Minutes learning to make better beats in Ableton Live. Learn when to add elements that create drive and energy, as well as how to choose and use your favorite sounds that will inspire you every time. Subscribe to this channel or connect with us online. Website: http://www.multi-platinum.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/multiplatinumpt Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/multiplatinumpt

07 Aug 2017

7 Minutes to Building Better Beats: Ep1 – Finding Inspiration in Ableton Live

Episode 1 – In this video you’ll learn how to gain inspiration from loops, without having a track that sounds repetitive. Extract Harmonies from audio tracks, turn them into new chords and basslines, and learn the *hows* AND *whys* as you learn the process of building Better Beats from the one and only Falcone!

26 Jul 2017

9 Steps to Producing the Ultimate Snare Riser pt2: Groove Templates in Ableton Live

Stock Snare Rises make your tracks sound like everyone elses. In this video we’ll learn how hit producer Falcone quantizes his snares with Ableton Live Groove Templates.  

19 May 2017

Begin to Master Ableton Live: MIDI Recording and Groove Quantization

If you’re a producer, you need a deep understanding of groove. Fortunately, Ableton Live enables you to capture your ideas anytime by recording MIDI with your laptops Qwerty Keyboard! And just in case your groove gets thrown off by the click-clack of your computer keys, Falcone shows us how to use our Ears and Groove Quantization to bring it all back.

12 May 2017

Getting A Better Feel From Your Kick

The four-on-the-floor kick drum is one of the staples in dance/pop music. But getting it to sit perfectly in your production can be a little trickier than just hitting “quantize” on the MIDI track. There are two ways to greatly adjust the entire feel of your track – just by moving the kick drum part around a little. Let’s take a look at the two most common moves to make: Pushing it forward. This is just what it sounds like. […]

18 Apr 2017

Setting Record Levels in Your DAW

One of the biggest issues in home recording is proper gain staging. I hear it all the time – “Pro Tools didn’t clip, but it sounds distorted still.” Or maybe “there isn’t much dynamic range in my recording, should I use less compression?” A lot of this confusion boils down to a misunderstanding of proper gain staging and level setting during recording. Once you understand that, you’ll be ready to make the most of your digital and analog gear. Gain […]

15 Apr 2017

Overusing Effects Is Dangerous: Here’s How to NOT Do It

Have you ever been accused of overusing effects? If your answer is no, then you probably haven’t done very much recording. It’s a trap every beginning audio engineer falls into from time to time. Even experienced engineers can let it happen if they’re not careful! So how can be you be sure not to do this? Like this: Split the Difference The most dangerous time to overuse an effect is when you get a new plug-in. You want to really […]

13 Apr 2017

One Plugin for Every Tracking Session

Tracking sessions can be awkward.  Especially vocal tracking sessions.  For bands, sometimes the only way to make everyone’s schedules align is to send the vocalist into the booth right after you finish tracking guitars.  (My normal flow is as follows: scratch guitars & tempo mapping, drums, real guitars, bass, keys/etc, and finally vocals.) I’ve noticed a pattern emerge when comparing projects where I get to edit and mix all of the instruments first before tracking vocals against projects where the […]

12 Apr 2017

54+ Reasons to Buy a Gaming Keyboard

54+ Reasons to Buy a Gaming Keyboard.  I hit the Macro Record button, followed by the macro I wanted to assign it to, in this case, G9, typed the title for this post, then pressed the Macro Record button again.  Then, to begin this article, I simply pressed G9 and it typed exactly what I did the first time.  Watch, I’ll do it again. 54+ Reasons to Buy a Gaming Keyboard Yes, in this instance I could have just hit copy/paste, but why do […]

10 Apr 2017

Interpreting Feedback from Your Clients: The Secret to Happy Customers

You’ve probably heard the saying – “the customer is always right.” But as engineers, sometimes we’re “right.” Actually, most times we’re “right.” Contrary to what some artists think, there’s no such thing as the “umph” knob on the kick drum channel. But it’s our job as the engineer to make them think there is. If you deal with feedback this way, you’ll be your client’s superhero. Here’s the process: You’re going to get a request that sounds outlandish at first. Maybe it’s […]