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13 Apr 2017

H-Delay Deal from Waves – Today Only

Want an incredible delay with a nice analog sound? Look no further. And for only $29, you won’t find a better deal. We use this plug quite a bit in our mixes, like in Nashville Demo Indie Rock course. It can add a lot of life and size to a vocal, or can create some pretty unique effects. The Lo-fi button is pretty useful, especially when using it just to add that “size” to a thin track. It keeps it […]

12 Apr 2017

54+ Reasons to Buy a Gaming Keyboard

54+ Reasons to Buy a Gaming Keyboard.  I hit the Macro Record button, followed by the macro I wanted to assign it to, in this case, G9, typed the title for this post, then pressed the Macro Record button again.  Then, to begin this article, I simply pressed G9 and it typed exactly what I did the first time.  Watch, I’ll do it again. 54+ Reasons to Buy a Gaming Keyboard Yes, in this instance I could have just hit copy/paste, but why do […]

10 Apr 2017

Understanding ADSR to Manipulate Your Synths

You’ve probably seen the knobs on your virtual synths labeled ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘S’, and ‘R’. But do you know how to use them to fully control your sound? These are very powerful knobs – they control the envelope, and therefore can change your sound quite drastically. Let’s take a look into how it works and how you can use it. The first thing to understand is what the “envelope” is. It’s basically the “shape” of the waveform. In synthesis, it […]

07 Mar 2017

Is This Analog Yet?

The vast majority of producers, engineers, artists, and audio gurus will agree, for most genres, analog sounds better.  Whatever that means.  Mics with tubes or FET circuitry and preamps with rows of tubes and power supplies the size of small dogs tend to just make everything sound bigger.  Tracking to literal tape, provided everything done pre-tape, meaning the performances, mic placements, and preamp levels, are all executed flawlessly, can make a very warm mix.  But it’s also real tape; it’s […]