But which DAW is best for me?

That’s a good question – and one you should definitely figure out! A lot of companies allow you to get a free trial of their product, which you should definitely take advantage of.

Although we’re traditionally Pro Tools guys, we know that there are a lot of great DAW’s on the market these days. Check out this video to see a run down of some of the popular ones by Kosmic Sound!

Then find a product that you can pick up the basics with in our series of pro training!

3 thoughts on “But which DAW is best for me?”

  1. I’m curious why MOTU’s Digital Performer is omitted. It seems that I frequently see descriptions of, say, keyboard controllers that “work with all the major DAWs–ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Live, Reason…”… and I’m thinking, “Will it work with DP???” Even the PreSonus DAW got a mention. Has MOTU done something to discredit itself in the industry? They have great to me, and I’ve used their products since the ’80s. Just curious.

    • That’s a great question. I used DP up through 3.1 and it’s still a great and viable option.
      Quite honestly, theres no reason it’s omitted so regularly.
      Except that they don’t market it as aggressively as many of the other DAWS, AND they’ve found a committed niche of users amongst
      1) People who’ve used DP for ages, often since it was a sequencer only called Performer
      2) They’ve kept the price on the upper end of DAWs and have a lot more competition
      3) The software has become so powerful that it’s pretty intimidating to new users.

      Where daws like PT, studio 1, Logic and reaper have gone after the exploding market of new musicians recording themselves with inexpensive versions, heavily advertised student discounts, etc.
      So if you love DP, no reason to switch. It’s still amazing. Magic Dave taught me a lot of what I know about digital audio back at Sweetwater University in 2000/2001, so I have nothing but respect for the company.

  2. Hi Nathan! I didn’t know you’d be the one responding or I would have identified myself more clearly.

    I called MOTU a month or so ago. Not knowing whether my question was tech or pre-sales, since I’m considering moving from DP6 to DP8, I called the main number. As soon as I hit the gal with a question she didn’t have the answer for, she switched me over to Magic Dave! He even remembered me from my speaking to him at Sweetwater during our training. He pretty much invited to keep calling/emailing him with questions for DP, like how to create vocal harmonies, how to use its “Auto-Tune” features, etc. Stuff I’ve dabbled in but unsuccessfully. What a guy. I almost asked him if he’s a Christian, just because his manner was so servant-like. (It would be my luck to find out he’s a disciple of Farrakhan!!) I just think MOTU is an amazing company and I’m stickin’ with ’em.

    Thanks for taking time to answer my question so thoroughly. Hello to Jamie for me. She was so sweet to find me at Charlie and Julia’s wedding and speak. Bless you, brother.

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